Tenders Team


Bid Director – Jacob

With experience across proposal writing, bid management and coordination of multi-national EC funded projects, Jacob is a highly skilled and detail-oriented Bid Specialist who has assisted companies in a variety of sectors in securing millions of pounds worth of contracts and funding.

Jacob holds ultimate responsibility for ensuring our clients are happy and all our bids are excellent. To do this, he takes a leading role in both account management and evaluation of all our bids. His real passion within business is working with business owners to help them safeguard their futures, protect jobs and expand their client-base.


Bid Co-ordinator – Ebenezer

With an accounts background, Ebe possesses a careful and meticulous approach to the administrative side of tendering. This means he is able to coordinate input and carefully manage the upload of key information, crucially ensuring responses are compliant.

Ebe's role is to at all times have a handle on the co-ordination of multiple bids, making sure all internal and external timescales are met.

Bid Manager – Keith

With a background in HR, Keith has spent the last four years involved in proposal, bid and tender writing. Having authored and managed a number of successful bids and proposals, Keith has a good grasp of detail, but is able to view the bigger picture, and helps ensure our customers are able to do the same.

Keith will often be the main point of call with a client during the delivery of a tender and acts as a strong interface and sounding board for our writers. He remains passionate about HR and believes people are the heart of any business.

Bid Writer – Portia

Portia is an experienced and highly skilled tender writer. She is passionate about writing winning tenders and working well within a team to produce high quality documents. Portia is also involved in coaching and leading other members of the tender writing team on bigger jobs.

If you call this number 01572 868 500 you will be put through one of our Bid Team. That means no sales people over-promising to get you through the door, the person you speak to about your tender today will be accountable throughout any engagement.