Proposal Writing

Whilst our primary focus is on tender writing, we are also a team with extensive experience in the area of proposal writing, having worked on proposals in areas including the EC's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), its replacement in 2014, Horizon 2020 (H2020), the African Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF) and the Global Innovation Fund (GIF).

So if you have a novel concept or idea, or a business plan that needs some gaps filling, we can help you to identify appropriate routes for funding as well as prepare the full proposals and support the application and contracting processes.

Our comprehensive process is not only geared towards writing winning proposals but will also assist companies successfully introduce new concepts and products to the market. Our approach includes:

Concept Validation– testing the idea and thoroughly asking, 'Will this work?'

Market Research – investigating the market size, breaking it down into segments narrowing down on market position and potential receptivity to the concept.

Funding Decision– having impartially analysed your concept and the market you see it in, we then advise whether or not you are in a suitable position to be applying for funds, and if so what type of funding from what authority you should be applying for.

SWOT and PESTLE analysis– looking at strengths and weaknesses of the company and how these can be harnessed within the prevailing operating environment for success.

Project Management – considerations including resource and supply chain requirements, scheduling and critical path analysis.

If you'd like to speak to a proposal specialist, get in touch on 01572 868 500.

If you call this number 01572 868 500 you will be put through one of our Bid Team. That means no sales people over-promising to get you through the door, the person you speak to about your tender today will be accountable throughout any engagement.