With our years of experience in this field, we know that detailed policy documents are important when bidding for work from the public sector. Most tender response documents will at least ask to refer to policy documents, or more likely will ask to see them.

We have plenty of experience of writing detailed and bespoke policy documents for a wide range of businesses. We understand that while all companies need to meet similar criteria in terms of compliance, no two companies are the same in their internal processes of how they go about business. We know most companies don't have time to worry about documenting these processes, so we can do it for you, allowing you to focus on the principle aspects of your business operations.

We often do this in parallel with the tender process itself, documenting your policies in a way that we feel will best appeal to your potential customers. If this is a process you would like to discuss with us further, please get in touch.

However, if you need a starting point to get you a suite of compliant policies for a pressing tender opportunity, we work with http://policyacademy.org/policies.html. They are a team of experienced writers, lawyers and managers with policy documents of all forms, helping in situations from audits to OFSTED inspections.

If you call this number 01572 868 500 you will be put through one of our Bid Team. That means no sales people over-promising to get you through the door, the person you speak to about your tender today will be accountable throughout any engagement.