Case Studies

We have years of experience in a wide range of industries, but here are a few of these contracts:

Strategically Important Contract

Shelving & Storage Manufacturer

We worked with a leading providing of shelving and storage solutions with 60 years experience supplying products to private and public sector clients in the UK.

They are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of a range of racking, shelving and locker products and had held a key government contract for many years. Having then lost out through a previous tender exercise three years ago, we were asked to work with the firm to help them re-secure this important contract, ensuring they were back at the forefront of their industry.

We worked closely with the team to review the approach they had been taking, and helped to change their focus, taking better account of the needs and challenges of the Buying Authority. This change of focus meant their bid was built around what they could do for the buyer, and they were subsequently awarded one of the leading positions on the Framework.

"They clearly understand the tendering process and came to the table with a really clear strategy for how to go about completing the responses, helping us to make sure we had a clear pitch in mind"

Opening up New Markets

Supplier of Road Surfacing

We were contacted by an overseas company bidding to the Ministry of Defence for a contract to supply road surfacing materials and installation.

Working with a team who were new to the process and didn't have a clear understanding of what was required meant us unpacking the process and regulations, helping them to understand exactly what was expected of them in the preparation of the tender and delivery of the contract.

Through the course of working with this client we were able to understand the needs of the MoD and provide a framework within which they could provide the information being requested. As a new supplier, we were delighted they were awarded the contract.

"We required a significant amount of guidance on how to interpret, formulate & structure a response which would meet with, and hopefully surpass, the clients requirements. They provided the templates and reviews that won this bid for PRS"

Growing a Small Business

Healthcare Recruitment

Working with a young and dynamic recruitment company, specialising in the health and social care arena.

We have been able to maximise their chances on some ambitious new contracts for them, helping them to quickly grow their business in a sustainable way, through delivering public sector contracts.

As a business with a younger management team, our experience of the tendering process has been valuable in helping to advise them on potential opportunities, as well as securing those they have identified as being key to their growth.

"They know the tendering process inside out and are always able to see through the fog of public sector procurement, and simplify the most complex bids."

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